Okay, so this particular article is a little more personal- I was a teen mom ! No not like what you saw on TV, but the real deal. Eight years ago I became a whole mom, yes sis a whole mommiana out here ! Not once in my little mind that I would think I would become a mother & especially at that age- I was 14 when I found out I was pregnant. Whew Chile !! So let me give you a light run down on how this came about, because even majority of the people that knew & grew up with me don’t know how this happened to me. So I was a freshman right ? Young & impressionable…and high school was going to be my stomping grounds well my whole class was wreaking havoc on the school *flips hair*. But anyhow, I thought I was in love and was gone be in love forever, no ma’m ! My first “love” moved away & broke my little heart, and I was going through the motions liking this boy & that one but a whole lot of drama came with it and I went THROUGH IT !!! One day a boy came along & gave me a friendship and made me feel better about myself, skkkrrrrt issa trap ! I fell for it and laid my butt down..now mind you I was liking these boys but the boys didn’t like me or the upper class girls wasn’t letting them like me lol So long story short – I got pregant & here I am.

In 2017, a total of 194,377 babies were born to women aged 15–19 years, for a birth rate of 18.8 per 1,000 women in this age group.

CDC Study 2017

Now many statistics say that most girls that become pregnant while in high school between the ages 15-17 don’t graduate on time, But myself didn’t fall into that ! I graduated on time with honors & got accepted into college! I express that because you can do it too regardless what somebody has too say ! I am personally in the works of starting a non-profit for teen moms and other young mothers out here in the world that need help with just about anything !

I wish the girls luck as there is so much of it to go around !

Me-15 w/Baby Kaden

Spring Cleaning

We all have heard the saying “time for spring cleaning” haven’t we? But have you ever did more than just a lil’ vacuming ? Like some serious deep cleaning sis ? No ? Well look no further, cause I got you with some steps on how you can do some deep cleaning on your lifestyle.

Step 1 : Clean your house, of course ! Get that thing in order…start from one end and finish at the other. If you have more than one story than you start up and work your way down ! If you ever feel like you need more motivation, play some upbeat music and get to work !!!

Step 2: Clean out your stashes & that small pile of stuff your just holding onto ! Whatever you think you’re holding on too for “some odd reason” let all of that stuff go ! Take it to a homeless shelter, or drop it off to your local GOODWILL or sell it to Plato’s closet ! But it’s time to let it go !

Step 3: Clean your circle & your suroundings ! Immediately, I say this because energy & vibes can transfer. Anybody in your life giving you a bad feeling?, let em go! Anybody around you always have something negative going on & nothing good to say ?, let em go! Long story short, if it don’t feel good ? Let em go !!

Step 4: Clean out your thoughts ! NAMASTE ! Go sit in the middle of the floor, in your underwear..open the windows & let the fresh air come in and verbalize your inner thoughts!! Cry , scream or sing just let it out !!

namaste, nah ima stay right here !

Step 5: Clean yourself too honey !! Take a good detox period & drink some herbal tea, a detox bath w/ herbs & epsom salt, and some essential oils. Even eat clean for a while and you’ll feel a difference. Trust me !

Take keen to these easy steps & not only will your house be clean your lifestyle will be a little bit cleaner as well !!

Get to know me.

Hey, wassup ?

This is your blogger Asia. I just wanted to take the time out & thank you clicking on ! Also, I wanted to give you a little more information about myself just so you can get to know me a little more. First of, I am from a small town outside of Savannah, Ga. called Springfield. I am in my early 20s and I am also a young mother (thank me for my services,lol). I currently reside in the metro Atlanta Area & have been for the past 6 years. I am a true cancer #cancer nation & my favorite color is green ! I am a dog mom to a miniature Schnauzer named Luna. Shopping is my passion & so is making money lol but anyhow, that’s enough about me ! This blog/website will cover everything I love & encounter in my everyday life….shopping, eating(i’m a foodie) beauty & being a loving mom ! So stick around and enjoy the journey with me !