Spring Cleaning

We all have heard the saying “time for spring cleaning” haven’t we? But have you ever did more than just a lil’ vacuming ? Like some serious deep cleaning sis ? No ? Well look no further, cause I got you with some steps on how you can do some deep cleaning on your lifestyle.

Step 1 : Clean your house, of course ! Get that thing in order…start from one end and finish at the other. If you have more than one story than you start up and work your way down ! If you ever feel like you need more motivation, play some upbeat music and get to work !!!

Step 2: Clean out your stashes & that small pile of stuff your just holding onto ! Whatever you think you’re holding on too for “some odd reason” let all of that stuff go ! Take it to a homeless shelter, or drop it off to your local GOODWILL or sell it to Plato’s closet ! But it’s time to let it go !

Step 3: Clean your circle & your suroundings ! Immediately, I say this because energy & vibes can transfer. Anybody in your life giving you a bad feeling?, let em go! Anybody around you always have something negative going on & nothing good to say ?, let em go! Long story short, if it don’t feel good ? Let em go !!

Step 4: Clean out your thoughts ! NAMASTE ! Go sit in the middle of the floor, in your underwear..open the windows & let the fresh air come in and verbalize your inner thoughts!! Cry , scream or sing just let it out !!

namaste, nah ima stay right here !

Step 5: Clean yourself too honey !! Take a good detox period & drink some herbal tea, a detox bath w/ herbs & epsom salt, and some essential oils. Even eat clean for a while and you’ll feel a difference. Trust me !

Take keen to these easy steps & not only will your house be clean your lifestyle will be a little bit cleaner as well !!

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